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Visit to the centre by fashion and image consultant Lizzy Eden ......

To open sleeve or not that was my burning question on Saturday when Lizzy Eden visited the centre holding her first pop up styling session. While I received the answer to my question Lizzy’s message was clear with the priority being “wear what makes you happy and suits your personality”!
Below is some of the tips that Lizzy provided to participants on the weekend …..
1. Great style starts with a fabulous fitting bra. Your clothes will sit & look better when you're in the correct fitting bra! It will also lengthens your torso and reveal your waist better.
2. Always consider your true personality before buying new clothes and accessories. You'll more likely wear them over & over if they suit who you really are.
3. Choose the colours you think flatter your complexion the best. Pinks, reds are great skin enhancing colours and will help to make you look healthy. Wear items such as scarves, necklaces, shirts, t-shirts, belts and shoes that are the same colour as your eye and hair.
4. Neutrals such as navy, grey, black, brown, taupe, white, off white, beige and cream etc are investment colours. We don't remember or notice neutrals the same as we notice colours, therefore, it's best to own more clothes in neutrals. 
5. Wear a 'column of colour' if you want to look slimmer and taller, for example navy jeans, navy tee with a lighter colour jacket, cardi or vest.
6. Wear shoes in your skin colour to elongate your legs when you wear dresses or skirts.
7. Chunky jewellery worn just above your bust will bring the focus to your face and make your bust look smaller.
8. Wear necklines to match your chin shape, this will harmonise and look softer on you.
9. Body shape is all about balance – if you're wider at your shoulder line than your hip line, wear garments to widen your hip line and vice versa.
10. Visually we look better when our legs look longer than our torso. As a rule, wear tops around your hipbone or just above to achieve this.
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