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Yeperenye Shopping Centre in Alice Springs, has always been a big supporter of the local community. Last year our organisation sponsored more than 120 community and sporting organisations.

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Yeperenye and Clontarf have worked together for more than 10 years.The Clontarf Foundation uses a unique, innovative and highly successful approach to target one of the most at risk groups in contemporary Australian society – young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

Using the existing passion that these boys have for sport allows Clontarf to initially attract them to school, and then keep them coming. It is however, not a sporting programme – it’s about developing the values, skills and abilities that will assist the boys to transition into meaningful employment and achieve better life outcomes.

The Foundation partners with schools and communities to create ‘Clontarf academies’ which are embedded within the school grounds and education programme.

Yeperenye Shopping Centre has partnered with Bellette to showcase our community.


To own & manage a property portfolio that generates a sustainable and ongoing revenue stream to be applied to the economic & social development of Aboriginal people in Central Australia.



A vibrant, cohesive, inclusive and enriched Central Australian community.

Sponsorship Application Form

Yeperenye Shopping Centre invests heavily in its local communities, with a wide variety of sponsorships.

Yeperenye is an Aboriginal owned property investment and management company that aims to generate a sustainable revenue stream to be applied to the economic & social development of Aboriginal people in Central Australia. Surplus profits are reinvested to increase the company asset base and to provide Aboriginal people within our region with education opportunities, sport and arts sponsorships, health and well-being initiatives, employment generation and other important programs to assist Central Australian Aboriginal people.

If you would like to request sponsorship from Yeperenye, please fill out this application form.

Please note the Sponsorship Commitee meets approximately four times a year and only makes out of session decision where pertinent and time sensitive requests exist.

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If your organisation has been approved for sponsorship and you need to use our logo for marketing material including for print on uniforms and sporting gear, please use the following logos.


Important note: all designs that include the Yeperenye Shopping Centre or Yeperenye Pty Ltd logo and its likeness will need to be approved by the Marketing Manager prior to it being published/printed. Please email your penultimate draft to marketing@yeperenye.com.au for approval.


If your design requires higher resolution images please request a copy from the Marketing Manager at  marketing@yeperenye.com.au

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