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Aside from shopping, we also love gatherings and celebrations. So if you’re in Alice Springs and you’re looking for awesome things to do, you’re more than welcome to join the fun! See the complete line-up of community happenings and events at Yeperenye Shopping Centre.

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Halloween 2020


Trick or Treating at Yeperenye

About this Event

On the 31st of October, from 11am to 1pm, ticket holders can do trick-or-treating in the Yeperenye Shopping Centre.


Due to COVID19 restrictions on events in the Northern Territory, this year Yeperenye is using an online booking system to ensure we have an adequate contact tracing system. Click the link below to book a ticket.



Why is it no longer free?

Normally the Halloween event at Yeperenye is free, this year there is a $2 charge per person for a ticket. The only reason for this decision is to minimise the impact of people registering to attend and not actually attending, and therefore taking up places of people who would have attended. Ticket holders will receive a small gift on arrival to compensate for the ticket price. If restrictions allow, Halloween in 2021 at Yeperenye will return to being a free event.



Details about the event:


In 2020, Halloween will be slightly different. There will be no high-touch type activities. However, there will be a spooky display by Michael Ahmazing and most importantly Trick-or-Treating is still on!


Ticket holders will receive a map and can do Trick-or-Treating at participating retailers.

Prizes for children who collect all stamps in their booklet.


There will also be prizes for Best Dressed.



We know, it's different...

COVID19 restrictions have changed the way the world puts on events, and the NT has not been immune to restrictions. We understand this can be frustrating for attendees. Yeperenye Centre Management aims to do our best to have some holiday spirit and still plan events, while still keeping the public safe and following the guidelines.


If you have any questions, please contact us (just scroll right to the bottom of any page on our website and type in your inquiry).


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